Branch Trimming

Throughout the history of our company, branch trimming has been one of our most popular services. We're dedicated to bringing you the best in pruning, cutting, and trimming.

Why Braintree PD and not DIY?

Over the past few years, the DIY craze has definitely taken off. With the advent of instructional videos and high speed internet, it is easy to learn how to do pretty much anything. When it comes to branch trimming, however, doing it yourself is not always the best idea. There are several reasons why, and we've listed them below. Keep reading for all of the information!


First things first. The most important reason why DIY pruning and trimming is not a good idea is because it is unsafe. Any time someone climbs up on a tree or a ladder, that person puts themselves in danger. What is more, climbing to do a precarious job where your balance might be compromised (branch trimming, for example) puts you even more at risk for falling.

Here at Braintree PD, we have two things on our side that greatly diminishes one's risk of falling. For one, we have state of the art equipment, such as harnesses, that can keep our arborists safe during the branch cutting process. The other advantage that we have is extensive training on how to approach the trimming process. This allows our arborists to minimize the risks beforehand to optimize safety.

It doesn't make sense to risk personal injury just to save a few bucks. Our prices are so affordable anyway that it would be crazy to try to do branch trimming on your own. We'll make sure that we do it right while you remain safely on the ground. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to get a free estimate on branch work!