Tree Removal

For all of your tree removal needs, make sure that you contact Braintree PD. Our staff is standing by waiting to assist you with your order.

If you need to know what services we offer, please consult the list of removal services below. If there is a removal service that you need that you do not see below, please make sure that you get in touch with us so that we can see if we can work something out.


Construction Removal

If you are doing any kind of construction, chances are that you will need a construction type removal. This kind of removal has a particular application because it calls for the tree to be completely removed from both above and below the ground. We do a complete removal for construction because if you are laying a foundation or installing pipes, you will need the ground to be free from obstruction. Contact us today so we can help you get started on a construction removal.

Obstruction Removal

If a tree grows to be in the way of something, we can definitely handle it by doing an obstruction removal. This type of removal will help clear a path or free up space that you might need on your property.

Emergency Removal

As we all know, the weather can sometimes get pretty bad here in New England. When bad weather hits, it is important to have people that you can call if a tree falls on your property or (God forbid) your house. We have a quick responding team that will make sure to get there as soon as humanly possible so that they can assist you. Weather it is a snow storm, an ice storm, or just some really bad winds coming off of the Atlantic Ocean, we'll be able to make the situation right with you with our emergency removal service.